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What’s TAO?

Bittensor is a blockchain-based machine learning network rewarding you with TAO for contributing to the largest decentralized AI ecosystem. Visit Bittensor website!

AI-empowered BTC

TAO token metrics are inspired by the Bitcoin whitepaper, resulting in the same halving periods and distribution of the tokens.

Cutting-edge Models

Bittensor overcomes the computer power scalability problem faced by tech giants and allows for training the most advanced models on Earth.

Decentralized Network

TAO operates on an open-source protocol and everyone can join it to train models collaboratively and be rewarded for the added value.

AI Competitiveness

Bittensor is designed to be the incentivized market for AI where participants may interact in an open, trustless, and transparent way.

ChatGPT Rival

Bittensor network is far more complex as it is prepared to develop not only text generation models but also image, audio, and much more.

Profit Calculator

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How does TAO staking work?

Staked TAO is used by Validators who are directly communicating with Miners to check the performance of their models. In exchange for sending requests, they are receiving TAO. The more staked TAO our validator has, the more relevant its requests are, and so the more TAO validator receives.

To become a validator, you must have at least 1024 TAO staked. Staking TAO with Lucrosus Pool eliminates the entry barrier, as you can join with any amount of TAO. As an organisation, Lucrosus Pool benefits from a fixed 18% reward tax set by Bittensor in the protocol code.

The staking process is entirely secure, as the Bittensor code guarantees that your staked TAO cannot be withdrawn by anyone else. Moreover, all your rewards are due only to your wallet and distributed automatically.

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How to start?

Check out the explainer videos to get familiar with the process!

How to buy a TAO token?

Watch the instructional video on how to purchase TAO tokens. See for yourself how simple it is!

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How to stake TAO with Lucrosus Pool?

The video presents the TAO staking process step by step. Watch the video to join the TAO ecosystem!

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Meet Lucrosus Ecosystem

With its diverse ecosystem, Lucrosus provides individuals and start-ups with the resources they need to thrive in the cryptocurrency market. At its core is Lucrosus Capital which is a DAO Venture Capital that empowers investors with benefits previously beyond their reach.

From investment opportunities, through Lucrosus Gallery platform where NFT becomes real, to the staking opportunities with Lucrosus Pool, our ecosystem is a one-stop-shop for all blockchain activities.

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Lucrosus Activities


Thanks to the ETH mining background, we actively participate in the TAO mining process as the Lucrosus Capital. Our involvement considers testing diverse models and constant development on the Bittensor ecosystem.

AI Models Development

We developed a solid fine-tuning background and scaling possibilities thanks to our extensive AI involvement. Therefore, our current aim is to become a significant player in the AI blockchain sector.


During the past years, we established a broad community base that includes more than 25k+ users all over our socials. What is more, over 3.000 different users took part in the sale of our token - $LUCA.


The main target of Lucrosus Capital is to support crypto businesses at their earliest stages of development. As a venture capital, Lucrosus aims to invest in different blockchain projects with the greatest potential to revolutionise the market. Naturally, Bittensor - TAO is one of them.